Archons of Avenshar

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  • Developer:
    RuneFire Studios

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

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Archons of Avenshar(AoA) is a web browser based, fantasy-themed role playing game. Enjoy countless hours of role playing, adventuring and socializing with other players from around the world. Become a mighty adventurer, a crafty merchant, or even a distinguished noble!Although AoA is considered a released game, content is ever expanding. Join one of several guilds and learn a profession; perform quests and slay monsters to gain more power; and train up class skills to further character advancement.

Unlike most MUDs, AoA is played soley through a custom Flash client that provides for enhanced user interface features, such as a beautiful mini-map; custom pop-ups to support shopping, mail, and in game message boards; health meters, custom fonts and more!

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