Arena of Valor

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    Tencent Games

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    Free To Play, MOBA

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Arena of Valor is a F2P team-based multiplayer online battle arena offering intuitive controls and short matches for MOBA players new and old. Pick your champion, head to a lane, and fight other players while working to destroy their valuable towers and protecting your own. Available for iOS and Android.


A Call for the Brave: Discover and master a hero from the diverse of roster of over 40+ characters.

Be Like Water: Play a variety of roles like support, tank, bruiser, DPS, or assassin to match your team's needs as necessary.

Career Gladiator: Team up with your friends over voice chat to take on the 3v3 or 5v5 leagues. Alternatively, ditch the dead weights and test your might in the fiercely competitive 1v1 game mode.

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    Designate your legendary champion and jump into intense 5v5 MOBA action on the go!

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