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ARMS is a third-person fighting game featuring a revolutionary new sport where the elite athletes have deadly extendable arms. Get a proper workout by throwing hands with the motion controls or more tactically take down your opponents with the traditional buttons - either way, you'll be be punching, blocking, dodging, throwing, and rushing for victory, available for the Nintendo Switch.


Armed and Dangerous: Switch out your equipment to achieve your favored playstyle.

Are You Ready to Rumble?: Face off against the colorful cast of characters on various strategy-altering stages.

Circuit Brawler: Kill time across the many game modes including 1v1, 1v1v1, 2v2, volleyball, basketball, target break, local versus, global grand prix, ranked, casual, and a singleplayer 10-stage gauntlet.

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    They say ain't nothing hit harder than life, but the extended punches in ARMS have something to say about that.

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