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    Valve Corporation

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

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Artifact is a DOTA-themed digital trading card game featuring both imagery and mechanics from the popular MOBA. Cast the right spells at the right time to achieve victory and save the world from disaster.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Yes, you can purchase packs, event tickets, and even specific cards from the Steam Marketplace.

Key Features:

Through and Through: This isn't just a cash in, Artifact was built from the ground up with Defense of the Ancients in mind. That includes iconic heroes and their ultimates, items, spells, gameplay mechanics, and more.

Bird's Eye: Oversee three separate lanes with one hand of cards and fight for the win condition.

Foresight: Direct a character towards a board and play the cards that match their color - planning your turn in advance is a must!

Siege and Destroy: Walk away victorious in one of two ways. The most common method will be to take 2/3 of your enemy's towers while protecting your own. The other more tricky way is to take one turret, and then kill the revealed Ancient.

Full Set: Open up packs or buy the particular creatures and spells you need from other players to complete your collection.

For Fun or Glory: Play several different game modes including vs. bots, casual, phantom draft, tournament play, constructed, and regular draft.

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  • Artifact Introduction Trailer

    What would happen if you mixed the laning and hero elements of a MOBA with the deep strategic depth of a CCG? Artifact has the answer.

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