Ascent: Infinite Realm

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    Bluehole Studio

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Ascent: Infinite Realm is a fantasy MMORPG revolutionizing the genre with mystifying magic, sky faring airships, and a world filled with incredible mythological creatures. Go on an epic adventure combating foes, exploring the land and air, constructing a home to relax in, competing in minigames, and enduring tough dungeons. Available for Windows.


Basket of Roles: Choose and train from one of five classes including a frontlining warrior, a supporting nature mage, an offensive magic wielding sorcerer, a sneaky assassin, and a firearms toting gunslinger.

Journey for the Ages: Traverse through the gorgeous world A:IR taking on quests, upgrading your character, and experiencing exciting story missions.

Bluehole: The developers of PUBG and TERA are looking to making another smash hit in the multiplayer scene.

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  • Ascent: Infinite Realm Reveal Trailer

    Bluehole Studios announces A:IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) at G-Star 2017, a new MMORPG that will be coming west.

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