Ashes of Creation

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    Intrepid Studios Inc.

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Ashes of Creation is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Intrepid Studios Inc. where players can join a living, breathing world! Cities will rise and fall, populations will change, and history will be written with every player action. Ashes of Creation is much more than a traditional MMORPG, giving players the unique experience of developing the world around them as they play. Quests will change, cities will become altered, and the fate of the world is truly in the players' hands!


Ever-changing World: The entire world can be changed from city populations and sizes to NPC presence and the rise of new content. Players can truly change the game world with their actions!

Large-scale Warfare: Fight with huge groups of players to defend or take control of castles. The winning side will get to take control of the surrounding land.

Housing: Do you want to purchase a home in a city or move out into the wilderness and work the land yourself? You choose exactly where you want to live!

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