Audition Online Throws a Halloween Party with New Songs, Features and In-game Items


Audition Online, the leading online multiplayer dance-themed rhythm game with over 300 million registered accounts worldwide, unleashed a slew of new features and content in celebration of Halloween. The update includes 11 new tracks from various popular artists, over 100 new items added to the Fashion Mall, various new features improving the user experience, and a GM-managed Halloween event for a costume party like you've never seen before. Jump into Audition Online and experience the new update that'll have you costumed and grooving to the sounds of the latest pop hits!

Audition Dance Battle Review: Highly Addictive


It's really easy to name a musical game since people aren't really new to it nowadays. Games with note balloons (Arrows) like Dance Dance Revolution and Audition are pretty much everywhere, and although we end up hearing the same set of songs all over again, it never really stopped us from playing these games for a long period of time.

Audition (Season 2) Review – Get “served” online!


Everybody loves to dance. Or at least, everybody loves to try and dance. For those that want to bust some moves without busting their hips in the process, games such as "Audition" will allow them to do just that. Audition Season 2 is an online multiplayer casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. You'll play as either a male or female dancer against other players while grooving to some of today's popular dance beats on your way to becoming digitally famous.



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