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  • Developer:
    Lusorion Creatives

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, 3D Medieval

Azulgar is 3D MMORPG, combining the worlds of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. The game takes place in a realistic, persistent world with a plethora of features. Players will compete or cooperate in a world rife with danger, disease, and mystery.


Pets: Owning pets in the game is the order of the day, you will be able to have a single animal friend who will help you during your adventure in a dangerous world. Pet AI and pet management are refined in Azulgar.

Realistic Diseases: Diseases are in the world on a daily basis. Many creatures carry contagious disease that can cause victims really unpleasant complications. Some side effects can often seem innocent, but in the end can cause very unpleasant consequences that can carry up to total paralysis for players.

Territory and Castles: The occupation of territory is linked to the system of castle sieges that factional guilds can build at designated locations. These locations have a dependency on the local surrounding villages and also to the local economy. Guilds determine the prices for merchants and also defense in these adjacent locations that belong to certain factional castles.

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  • Azulgar Trailer

    This video is a teaser trailer for Azulgar. It contains various features on display, some gameplay footage, and cinematic content.

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