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BAClash is a free-to-play mobile MOBA developed by Feerik Games for iOS and Android where players can enjoy a fast-paced, player-versus-player gaming experience in short matches all from the convenience of their mobile devices. In BAClash you can use a unique slide-mechanic to position your mercenaries to take down your enemies, their towers, and hopefully even their bases for a victory. With matches that last a very short amount of time and a simplistic control-scheme you'll be on your way to formulating impressive strategies and conquering your foes in no time!


Slide-Mechanics: Use your finger to drag out an arrow from your mercenary, determining the direction and power for their movements.

Jungle Camps: Take out the jungle camps scattered throughout the middle of the map to gain an edge over your opponent.

Fast Matches With matches lasting 5 minutes or less you'll be able to take down your enemies in a predictable amount of time that is short enough for those looking to game on the go.

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  • BACLash New Trailer

    New trailer, new BACLash! Check out the improved gameplay of this mobile pinball moba!

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