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Barbarian Brawl is a third-person action brawler. Defend your peaceful tribe from a hoard of hungry ham-stealing barbarians!


Big Battles: It's mayhem and carnage as twenty players are thrown into a battlefield to fend for their ham!

Brutal Dismemberment: Take your opponents apart limb by limb - strike your opponents and watch them fall to pieces.

Slice and Dice: Choose from multiple weapons that fit your style, including axes, swords, and scythes.

Six Ham-Fisted Characters: Play as the Barbarian, the Fat Bustard, the Shaman, and more with a total of six characters.

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  • Barbarian Brawl Trailer

    Barbarian Brawl has just hit Steam Greenlight and promises epic 20 player battles with plenty of chaotic environmental hazards to mix things up.

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