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BasketDudes is a F2P Basketball game developed in Spain by BitToon. This game is in love with customization and pushes every aspect of customization as you build a 15 team 'dream team' and pursue your goal of the WBC Championship against AI and Player controlled rivals.

Game Features

Dream Team Builder - Using your resources from winning games, you will be able to contract a maximum of 15 players for your dream team. Each player has its own detailed offensive, defensive, and stamina based statistics for you to train and customize to really make each player your own.

Player Fashion - You can deck your players out in matching uniforms, while buying them custom sneakers, headbands, watches, hair, and so on to make each template player look, as well as play, uniquely on the court.

Schools - There are a variety of basketball players from around the world, each trained by a different methodology into thinking how to play basketball the best. The players you draft for your dream team will all belong to one of these schools. Choose players from the school you think best matches your playstyle or mix and match players of various schools to try to balance your strengths and weaknesses.

Fatigue - Remember the days of NBA on the NES when you would just play the same 2 players every game? BasketDudes introduces the fatigue system, forcing you to bench your best players at some point to rest and regain stamina points. This forces you to build a balanced dream team to ensure consistent success on the courts!

Tournament System - Up to be the best? Prove it by hitting the courts with your Dream Team against the best players from around the world. The tournament system is level specific, ensuring you will get to test your metal against players of similar experience to yourself.

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    BasketDudes is an innovative Basketball RPG from Spain. Build your ultimate 15 man dream team and seek the ultimate goal of the WBC Championship!

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