A First Impression of Batheo


Batheo is a flash based browser strategy game set in Ancient Greece, which is rather questionable as some of the heroes provided are not greek at all (Robin Hood in Greece?). Here, players must build cities, and train soldiers in order to decimate their opponents. Upon starting the game, players will be prompted to choose their champion/hero, each with their own army that will aid you in your quest to be the best. Batheo feels and plays a lot like Evony and other browser based strategy games, but don't think that it's nothing but another cheap clone. Batheo also has a couple of features that separate it from its browser based brethren.

Batheo Confirms its Open Beta Test


After polishing the game during the past two rounds of Closed Beta Test, MMORPG Batheo will launch its Open Beta Test on Today, December 7th, announced Power Hosts Technology Limited, the publisher of Batheo.  The OBT will last for a week, during which every gamer would be gifted with 1,000 Gold on a daily basis after logged into the game, which is intended to help the gamers to further explore the excitements the game has to offer, according to the announcement.