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Experience true action combat like never before in Hazben Games upcoming esports destined title, Battle Disks, where "Skill is King." Face off in intensive 1v1 and soon 2v2 and 4 player free-for-all combat as you push your customizable disks to the limits to prove you are the king of games. Unlock favor from victories to further upgrade your disks in an evolutionary RPG system as you specialize your board pieces with intelligence, strength, agility, thickness, stackability, and hops. Build up BP (Battle Points) in a match to successfully summon yourself to the field as an ultimate piece in a gambit to win it all!


RPG Elements: Upgrade your own deck of Battle Disks to set yourself apart on the global esports stage. Strike like artillery or blitzkrieg your foes with high level decks.

True Action Combat: Skill and strategy has never been more valuable in MMO combat! Activate your BP to unleash Blitz mode, a turnless free for all to finish off wary opponents.

Customizable Pieces: Purchase skins, piece upgrades, and even seasonal specials like swim wear for your pieces in the Battle Store!

Optional Subscription: Show your dedication to Battle Chest by upgrading to a BP Pro account and you’ll ensure access to the rare black deck, with inherent speed bonuses to make sure you move first every battle!

Elo Matching: Face off against players of equal skill thanks to our patented elo match system that calculates your strength, skill, and experience to find equivalent players.

Coming soon – Free for All: Harkening back to the ancient Indian culture, players unleash the power of elephants as they face off in four player free for all to control the central Throne of Masters. Claim triple favor and boost your ranked standing by defeating three foes at once.

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    JamesBl0nde offers an inside look at the alpha state of Battle Disks, Hazben's attempt to revolution action MMO gaming in the RTS genre.

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