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Battledawn Galaxies places you as the leader of a small space station. Through careful planning, military and diplomatic skill, as well as exploration and expansion, the galaxy can be yours for the taking. The game is entirely browser based, utilizing Flash. No downloads are required to jump in and build your fleet to be the best.


Flash-based: Battledawn: Galaxies can be played directly in your web browser, with absolutely no downloads required.

Develop your facilities to generate and store your resources, which you then can use to build, expand, and conquer.

Combat: Build a massive armada of starships to defend your station, or to prove your military might. Use various skills such as spies, and alliances to get ahead, or catch a break in the action.

Vast World:
The galaxy is no small place. Thousands of players exist amongst the stars, each with their own motives and goals.

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