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  • Whatever

    Do not join this game

    Cheating/Multiaccounting is openly tolerated, with no restrictions on online time, no captcha’s etc. whatsoever. If you report someone for multiaccounting, this is not being taken seriously, your claims are not being investigated.
    This has been particularly and systemically exploited by a group referring to itself by the name of POB. They operate some FB accounts for this purpose and openly state that they are teaching their members “strategies” on how to “win” gaming eras.

    On top of that, the gaming atmosphere is extremely toxic, insults, aggressive harassments and personal attacks are being broadcasted to all and every player without any admin doing anything at all.

    You like being part of a snakepit, with everyone trying to cheat the max on everyone else, and biting everyone else? Then this game is perfect for you, you’ll enjoy yourself.
    For everybody else – well, don’t ever join this game.
    And if you do, do NOT ever spend any money on it – you can be sure you’ll be defrauded of your expected advantages in the game.

    Absolutely *WORST* gaming experience ever. (And this means something, having been around for quite some time in several multiplayer war “strategy” games.)
    No strategy to be found here people – just cheating inc.

  • Xpertiesxs

    Is this good?