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BattleSouls is a third person action game created by Pixeleap. Set in a traditional western fantasy setting, players can enter into a fast-paced arena using both melee and ranged combat and join the battle for the legendary soul crystals.


Class change: Choose between five unique classes, including Knights and Wizards, then switch freely between them in between battles.

Wonderful Color: Enjoy colorful environments to venture and battle in.

Fast action: Engage in fast multiplayer combat with 10-15 minutes sessions

Different maps: Play on four different maps with different strategies for attacking and defending.

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Game Videos

  • BattleSouls Gameplay Trailer – Druid and Mage

    BattleSouls explains gameplay including passive triggers when swapping classes on the fly in this early access demo.

  • BattleSouls Announcement Trailer

    BattleSouls reveals gameplay ahead of its May 12th Steam release. Swap between 3 heroes on the fly in this moba shooter hybrid.

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