Battleswarm Field of Honor Interview for OnRPG


I'm Mark Hood and I'm COO and Co-founder of Reality Gap. I signed Battleswarm over a year ago now and ran the production team that localized the game, made enhancement for the English speaking market and set up the store and website.

Battleswarm Online Review: Crossover battle


When I first saw Battleswarm, I was weirded out by the overall concept. For those of you who don't know, Battleswarm is a new MMO that mixes the elements of FPS shooters and Real Time Strategy games, thus making an awesome hybrid of both genres (Real Time First Person Strategy Combat?). There isn't really a storyline to ponder on, but the game does have enough action to keep you playing for hours. The game revolves around 2 races, and both have their own distinct gameplay. What makes the game interesting is how they incorporated the face-off between the two genres. Battleswarm is still in its open beta stage, so I can't say how goodthe final product will be. Anyway, here's what we have so far.

Reality Gap Announces Partnership with Free-to-Play Experts, Sleepy Giant


Reality Gap, Inc., publisher of online games, just announced a strategic partnership with Free-To-Play (F2P) game experts Sleepy Giant, along with a number of improvements to their original online game, Battleswarm: Field of Honor. The partnership with Sleepy Giant will provide better support for the highly rated first-person shooter vs. real-time strategy (FPS vs. RTS)  game, as well as allow Reality Gap to focus more energy on platform technologies and continue to expand the community of online gamers playing Battleswarm. The new game update includes a limited time 2-for-1 virtual currency promotion and the release of new in-game items and gameplay improvements