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    Ranida Games

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BAYANI is a Filipino-inspired fighting game featuring the south-eastern Asian nation in every facet of this title's design. Lead your hero through the hardships of a post-apocalyptic Earth and further realize their legend.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Currently Unknown

Key Features:

Easy Learning: Quickly pick up the basics of the game and come back time and time again to master the mechanics.

Love Letter: Enjoy the characters, stages, and historical relics paying gracious homage to the Philippines.

Practice to Perfect: Get some training in versus the CPU, then face off against another player in an intense 1v1.

New Style: Play an assortment of matches and unlock alternate costumes for your characters.

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  • BAYANI Kickstarter Trailer

    Effortlessly pick up and play the first every all-Filipino developed fighting game!

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