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Berserk Online is a Free to Play Online trading card game based on an extremely popular Russian collectible card game. Players in Berserk Online can challenge each other using their own deck of cards. Each card is a creature with its unique abilities and features and there are more than 350 cards available in the game.
Berserk Online can be described an high strategy game, given its mix of classical trading card games gameplay and its unique board games elements which make the game even more strategical. The world in Berserk Online is divided into two Realms: Light and Darkness. Each player entering into Laar should decide which side to serve and protect.
Realm versus Realm wars: Berserk Online is the only Online TCG which features RvR wars: choose your side and fight for it!
Choose your own strategy: Berserk Online combines the richness of a trading card game with the strategic focus of a board game, in facts before starting a game you’ll have to place your cards on a board where you can face your opponents and look for the best strategy to defeat him.
Gain ounces and additional cards: Berserk Online features every months many different events and tournaments that will allow you to win rare cards or free ounces that you can then spend in the shop
Win new cards through quests: The newly introduced quests will allow you to win new cards, including extremely rare ones!
Free to play: Berserk Online is completely free to play, you can access every feature and join every battle completely for free.
Join and existing Clan: There many different Clans inside Berserk Online, join one and fight along your mates and make sure that your Clan can climb the ranking.

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