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  • Developer:
    Shield Break Studios

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, MOBA, Fighting

Bierzerkers is a 3D Fantasy MOBA developed by Shield Break Studios and will be available on Steam Early Access. In Bierzerkers players assume the role of a Viking in the afterlife, where Vikings can duke it out and drink as much as they please. Players can be one of five different classes of Vikings, each with their own specific role, and must work as a team in order to achieve victory. Bierzerkers will drive a competitive nature so that players can improve their skills and take on tougher opponents by climbing through the ranks, but players can also simply play for fun and enjoy a fiercely fought battle alongside friends.


Varying Classes: All of the classes in Bierzerkers are highly specialized in their team roles. Players can choose to be a Scoundrel (assassin), Huntress (slows enemies and maintains battlefield control), Drunkard (melee healer), Raider (warrior with good offense and defense), and Valkyrie (tank that can shield allies).

Norse Visuals: Bierzerkers is full of highly stylized Norse visuals that can be somewhat humorous at times, but still entertaining and true to the Norseman way.

Competitive Games: Being that multiplayer is the main focus of Bierzerkers, matches will be fierce and the game offers a high skill cap for players wanting to fight their through the ranks to the very top.

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