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    Fantasy, MOBA

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Blade of Arena is an online multiplayer third-person melee game featuring both the battle royale and MOBA game modes. Increase your stats over the course of the match and survive long enough to become an incredibly powerful dragon with the ability to wipe out the remaining opposition. Available for Windows.


I Studied the Blade: Pick from your favorite weapon combo including Sword & Shield, Dual Swords, Heavy Blade, and Katana. Each will require new gameplay tactics and will affect your performance in dynamic ways!

Ding Ding Ding: Farm up levels on low-level mobs and become powerful enough to take on other players.

Uniquely Amazing: Change the way you play through every match including mixing and match costumes, experimenting with level paths and talent trees, swapping out equipment and weapons, as well as upgrading abilities to new heights.

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    Farm up those creeps and strike down your foes one after the other!

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