Blade & Soul Vengeance Breaks Launches June 1

ARTICLE NCSOFT West today revealed details about Blade & Soul’s upcoming content update: Vengeance Breaks. Going live June 1, the update features never-before-seen environments, challenges, and even the...

Blade & Soul Shattered Empire Update Goes Live

ARTICLE NCSoft has launched the Shattered Empire update to Blade & Soul NA and EU, including improvements in localization, previously teased new group content, and floors 9 through 15 of Mushin Tower as t...

Blade & Soul Shattered Empire Announced

ARTICLE NCSOFT has announced that Blade & Soul’s next content update, Shattered Empire, is set to go live on Wednesday, April 27th, bringing a variety of new content and rewards to players. The update w...

Blade & Soul – State of the Game (March 2016)

FEATURE By Michael Sagoe (mikedot)   So the NA/EU version of Blade & Soul has been out for a while now, and with my time spent playing the game these past months since early beta, I figured that now ...
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