Blade Wars Token Shop: Variety of New and Exciting Items!

ARTICLE (US) Inc., today announced that they will be celebrating the grand opening of the Blade Wars "Token Shop" on Aug 6th.  The token shop aims to offer Blade Wars players a variety of items to trick out their characters and boost their game play.

Blade Wars Interview: Movie Grade Martial Arts


ChangYou can be counted as one of the newest MMO publishers to set foot in the western market, who primarily focus on the development and publishing of Free to Play MMO titles. The company is no "newbie" to the MMO industry though - its China headquarters has been in the business since 2003 and is one of the largest and most successful entertainment companies in the world. Blade Wars is one of the company's latest titles, an F2P martial arts MMO which puts players in a mythical world of martial arts and myriad wonders. How will the game set itself apart? Let's find out.

Blade Wars Power Boost: Level to 50 Instantly!

ARTICLE (US) Inc, today announced the Blade Wars "Level Up Event", an in-game event that allows players to automatically boost their character up to level 50 without the hassle of grinding.

  • Pedro Henrique de Oliveira