Blades and Rings Screenshots

  • cale something

    Come check out for guides/tips and tricks

  • David Ray Decker

    How do you give friends items

    • Courtnay Basten

      You can’t yet unless you do it in guild vault they can buy with there points or marketplace with diamonds

  • Mark A. Palmer

    Can you make more characters then just one?

  • Lonnie

    After may 24,2017 update. Game fails to load on iphone 7

  • Donnie Sheeley

    I cannot recharge it comes up (120020) can’t recharge contact support, or something similar

  • Michelle Daney Paul

    I love the way it says above that we have free trading without restrictions, yet, ingame there is no trading. There is a market where you can post items, gear, ect, for a minimum sale price is 2 diamonds. When and if you are able to sell you don’t even get what you asked for as game creators take a 20% cut from sale. If love to see an actual trading post. Or allow us to trade directly with another player.

  • Dexter Kevon Benjamin

    We need a new wa to get mour diamonds in the game

  • Ahmed Mordy

    how do i get demon crystals for runes fusion ??

  • Ahmed Mordy

    they say you get some with daily chests , but i dont get any, i only have the 440 from the tower boss fight

  • Ahmed Mordy

    please help