Blood Ancestors

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    Snowpeak Studio

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA

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Blood Ancestors is a competitive fantasy MOBA developed by SnowPeak Studio for PC and will be available for download on Steam in 2018. Intending to fill the gap between medieval fantasy games and fast-paced modern gameplay, Blood Ancestors gives players the chance to fight in action-packed, arena-like battles with classic fantasy elements. The battle between Light and Darkness is unleashing a series of planetary energies which are driving the world towards destruction. With the only way to save the crumbling universe being recapturing the ancestral relic and feeding it with Earthly bloodshed you had better be ready to fight for your life in more ways than one! Play a pivotal part in deciding the prevailing force of the universe in Blood Ancestors!


Three Factions: Play as one of three different factions: the Blood, the Light, or the Darkness.

Character Classes: Cast magic or use physical weaponry. Blood Ancestors has six character types and eighteen classes for you to choose from!

Team-Based: Cooperate with your team to acquire the relic and take it back to your world through your portal. You won't be able to handle such a feat on your own!

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  • Blood Ancestors Announcement Trailer

    The official announcement trailer for Blood Ancestors, and upcoming fantasy MOBA to be available on Steam.

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