Blood of Steel

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    CloudToad Games

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    3D Historical, Free To Play, MOBA, Strategy

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Blood of Steel is a 3D competitive multiplayer action-strategy game featuring historically authentic heroes from across the eras of human warfare. Prove to your enemies just how in tune with the battlefield you truly are and lay waste with your superior military tactics!


Roger That: Archers, cavalry riders, swordsmen, spearmen, crossbowmen and much more are ripe for the picking for any formation and army designation you can dream of. However, don't rush into battles without doing your research! Each unique unit will have their own particular strengths and weaknesses to account for.

Strategum: Utilize a delicate mix of various unit types, terrain, and movement speed to maximize your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Theatre of War: Dive into competitive 5v5 matches where each player will lead up to 40 of their own AI controlled units in Siege & Defense or Control game modes. Similarly, 10v10 battles of Flag Capture and Death Match can also be held, adding even more chaos to the battlefield with more players and units.

Hail to the Chief: Assume control of a wide variety of legends from throughout history including the Three Kingdoms generals hailing from China. Each commander will have their own distinct weapons and personalities fearlessly leading their troops to victory by any means necessary.

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    Slip into the role of an legion-leading military general and crush any and all opposition before your lofty ambition of world domination!

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