Boot Hill Heroes

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  • Developer:
    Experimental Gamer Studios

  • Genres:
    2D Historical

Boot Hill Heroes is a Western adventure game inspired by the classic Japanese-styled RPGs of yore and taking place in the exciting American Wild West! Players can either jump into their own adventure, or team up with three other friends to cause havoc in the West! Players can choose from four characters, each different in their own unique ways! -Kid, Doc, Moon and Rosy! Come and jump right into this simultaneous, real-time co-op adventure and save the lands from the Saints-Little Gang!


Retro Japanese RPG Adventure: Boot Hill Heroes surely brings a sense of nostalgia, filling you with memories of your childhood! It mixes elements of cliche western movies with the gaemplay of JRPGs. Time based fights, engaging storyline, dynamic characters!

Seamless Co-Op Gameplay: Boot Hill Heroes offers much more refined and improved co-op than what you could expect from classic JRPG titles. This is especially smooth in combat!

Fresh Experience and Humor: Boot Hill Heroes takes upon an experimental combination of old and new concepts, mixing all these different elements to offer a fresh, one of kind experience for the player. This epic blend brings about an adventure filled with mysteries, excitement, and a refreshing sense of humor.

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  • Boot Hill Heroes Official Trailer

    The first official trailer showcasing the exciting gameplay of Boot Hill Heroes!

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