Bright Shadow Class Video


Bright Shadow offers various cute classes, but do not underestimate them in battle. Take a look at Shamans, Machinists, Mages, Warriors and more, to decide what fighting style would suit you.

Teaser Trailer


This teaser trailer should really put you in the mood for Bright Shadow!

  • hammad

    when can we play this game again
    its beta is closed right
    if so y

  • DragonMaster2110

    this game looks really dumb

  • PMJ

    Come post and show how much you love Bright shadow. We need to show Suba games its worth Hosting along side Lucent Heart.


    how i dowload this fucking shit?

    • Kikuri

      It’s… gone.

  • Akprincess12

    This used to be my favorite game.. then like i went to go on it and i couldn’t… i literally almost cried Q~Q i miss this game and i wanna play it so bad ::(

  • dagon19

    I LOVE THIS GAME it was my first mmo i play