Be The BOSS with Business Tycoon Online


Business Tycoon Online is a browser based MMO that tackles the intricacies of the business world. As the title states, you are an enterprising "tycoon" who plans on starting your own empire in the virtual world of BTO. As a business-centric game, I must say I am impressed with the depth the game goes to.

Dovogame Introduced Mansion System in Business Tycoon


Dovogame has recently launched a new mansion system for Business Tycoon Online (BTO), the most popular online business simulation game worldwide. The new features will allow tycoons to construct buildings like garage, private airport and medal exhibition to showcase their hard-earned in-game items. Along with recreational like beach and swimming pool, these mansion buildings will ensure a sense of achievement by magnificent game graphics.

Dovogame to Launch Flagship Stores System for BTO


DOVOGAME said they decide to announce an exciting new addition to the business world of Liberty City and its hit browser game Business Tycoon Online(BTO); the ability to create Flagship Stores!

Masks of the World event announced for Business Tycoon Online


DOVOGAME has announced the release of an exciting new event for their game Business Tycoon Online. The so called "Masks of the World" event brings culture and history to the fast paced life of Liberty City. The popular web game will feature different masks that players will be able to collect and wear.