• Elizabeth Howard

    What can I say? Is this vaporware or is it dead? Click play now and get a blank screen and nothing more. What a teaser.

  • sad1

    it takes a several hours to download the set up…can you make a direct download to the game…

  • shirhan

    where to download

  • Lewis

    can you show me were the download is?

  • annoyed c9 gamer

    This game has problems at every way , with steam they keep asking for linking my acc with webzen (i already did)

    and with the official C9 site it doesn’t instal PhysX software
    to run this game longer than 5sec

    …SO people know where u up too before u downlead this game!!!

    • annoyed c9 gamer

      ps: i linked my steam-webzen about 3-4 years ago….

  • Lyrad Jun

    urrrggg !!!! i think downloading setup takes 1 year .. wtf

  • Jazzer Sitswerland

    My c9 is not installing well. can any body help me please?