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    ESTsoft Corp.

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CABAL Online is a 3rd person 3D role playing game that will put you in a graphically vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action. Designed to let everyone play, CABAL Online runs even on older computers while still maintaining its scintillating action scenes, lifelike environments, ornate decorations, detailed characters, and non-stop fast action.


Intriguing Plot Tied into Quests: Unravel the mysteries of Cabal as you complete epic missions and quest lines.

Mission Wars: Compete for the honor of your nation in epic PvP battles.

6 Classes: Take up arms as a blader, wizard, warrior, force archer, force shielder, or force blader and fight your way to greatness with a level cap of 190!

Achievement and Title System: Recently added in the episode VII update, Cabal now offers a way to keep track of all your great adventures, as well as display titles showing off all you've accomplished.

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