Cardmon Hero: The Not Quite Yu-Gi-Oh MMORPG


CardMon Hero pretty much looks like your typical anime-inspired F2P MMORPG. It uses bright colors, with the inclusion of kiddie-version sprites and monsters. The game in fact reminds me of games such as FlyFF or Rose online. The game environment is pretty light and partnered with an upbeat and catchy but repetitive tune.

The game's light-hearted nature can be entertaining, especially for those who are looking for a less serious themed MMO. CardMon Hero pushes the right buttons in terms of casual entertainment while distinguishing itself with cartoony card "partners" known as "mercenaries".


Cardmon Hero enters open beta phase


The wait is over! Today marks the Open Beta Test launch for CardMon Hero, the new free-to-play card-summoning MMORPG from T3 Entertainment and Redbana.

  • Drake Featherwing

    Remove this listing if there are no more servers to play on. I saw it and wanted to play, only to goodle search that they’re shut down.

  • hrmsgrr

    i cant find the download ;-; is it rlly shut down??? =/ I need a new mmorpg lol