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The Settlers Online: Castle Empire is an advanced browser empire game in which players must micromanage their city as well as make greater plans to build new cities across the continent, while expanding their army to protect all the lands a player claims. Diplomacy, trading, warfare, and exploration all make up a browser game that is clearly developed by the same team that produces ‘The Settlers.’


Build Your Own Empire: Players have complete management over their villages. If you want to specialize in fishing, mining, lumber collection, or luxury trade, it’s all up to you. Optimal placement is vital to maximize the efficiency of workers. Just make sure you keep enough housing for new residents to move in and enough money in the government coffers to pay maintenance!

Explore and Settle: The biggest goal in Castle Empire is to expand the empire of your castle. By sending out scouts and generals, you can clear bandit encampments and set up your own towns. Certain rare resources can be discovered through exploration to revolutionize your trade and army.

Extensive Trade System: Players can set up trade routes with other players to increase the power and number of resources available to each other. No longer is military the only reason you will interact with others in a strategy browser game. The players capable of managing their natural resources to produce the highest demanded goods will be guests of honor with all their friends!

Real-Time World Mechanics: Even when you are away from your empire, your settlers will continue to work and harvest goods, ensuring your empire grows and prospers in your absence.

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