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    2D Fantasy

Celestial Dynasty is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG developed by GameKini and is available for play through Facebook. In Celestial Dynasty you will be able to experience the fascinating world of Terran where monsters and spiritual energy reign supreme over the world. It becomes your job as either an Archer, a Warrior, or a Wizard to join one of the two warring countries in the world and support them to your very best abilities. You can go on quests, join clans, and fight in fierce country vs. country battles!


Wing System: Wings are both fashionable and functional in Celestial Dynasty. You can upgrade your wings with spirit drops and as they are upgraded they will become even more fantastic looking.

Make Friends: Although countries are at war, friends are still to be made in parties and guilds!

Varying Classes: The three classes in the game vary greatly in concept: The Archer being a master of bows, the Wizard being skilled in magic, and the Warrior having expertise with heavy melee weapons.

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