Celtic Heroes

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    One Thumb Mobile

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Celtic Heroes is a free mobile MMORPG. Protect the mythical Dal Riata from dark forces, alone or with clans, to become a hero of Celtic mythology!


Open-World MMO: A wide, open world features hundreds of Celtic inspired quests and stories.

Social Play: A fun and social world awaits, supported by a Clan system that lets you trade, chat, and explore with friends. Feeling less friendly? PvP and duels are also an option!

Five Character Classes: Play as the Druid, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, or Warrior.

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Game Videos

  • Celtic Heroes Gelebron’s Tower Teaser Trailer

    Get ready to up your game. You'll have to in order to survive Gelebron's Tower, the next challenge coming to Celtic Heroes.

  • Celtic Heroes Mobile Trailer

    Celtic Heroes brings a fully fledged fantasy MMORPG world to Android and Apple mobile devices.

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