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Chaos Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG where modern technology& weaponry confronts with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. The game is made by the latest 2.5D engine: SancoX, which is specialized in magnificent effects and expansibility. The game is designed by a group of insane game makers, implementing all the impossibilities into the game – For example, you can cast your powerful spell when ridding on a modern motorcycle!

Besides the standard features of a MMORPG, its Growth system is a sparkle of the game – You can upgrade each item both in terms of level and quality; including weapons, armor, eudemons, gems and even mounts! Race war is extremely breathtaking since there are three races – nobody knows who will win the war in the chaos of allying and betraying.

The game is operated by a very experienced team of programmers who are dedicated to providing the best services to all gamers. If you want to experience a different free MMORPG, Chaos Online is definitely your choice!

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