Chaos Reborn

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    Julian Gallop

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Chaos Reborn is a tactical strategy RPG from Julian Gollop, creator of the original X-COM and the ZX Spectrum game Chaos. Summon strange and magical creatures, battling in intense matches, with dozens of creatures and spells at your command.


Play Your Way: Play through the single-player RPG mode, roll co-op with friends, or enter multiplayer online battles that include up to six players.

Uniquely Armed: Your arsenel includes 24 fully animated creatures and over 80 spells.

Changing Arenas: Arenas are procedurally generated with multiple environment types, making each battle a new challenge.

Guilds: Join a guild to trade equipments and spells, or to work together to build your guild ranking.

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    A new trailer featuring new environments, creatures, and the single player mode.

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    The original creator of X-Com returns with an idea needing Kickstarter, the revival of a cult classic strategy game - Chaos into a modern era tactical mast

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