Chronicles of Denzar

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play

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Chronicles of Denzar is a top-down fantasy RPG featuring turn-based combat and open-world exploration.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are various in-game items available for sale.

Key Features:

Races: Pick from the Humans, Eldrons, Rhizards, or Hounzalids.

Classes: Play up close and personal as the Tracker, Warrior, and Raider or stick to the backlines as an Attendant or Herbalist.

New Denizen: Create your own personalized character with various options in gender, race, and class.

Ever Onward: Perilously traverse through dozens of zones made up of lush forests, dank catacombs, and dark dungeons.

Bounty Hunter: Take to battle against ferocious monsters for their valuable loot.

Helping Hand: Alternatively, instead of slaying your foes, attempt to tame them as a helpful companion.

Friendly Competition: Create or join a clan with your friends to make chatting and trading easier than ever.

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  • Logan Ashley

    Nice little game- has a good little community and its super simple to get into!

  • SneakyLeek

    Easy to pick up and play casually, they’re doing a good job so far

  • michael turkiela

    simple game, good community always updating love this game and would recommend to everyone and anyone

  • Crystallar

    Check this out! It’s oldschool and does a great job at recreating that feel of some of the classic titles like FF. I found it super easy to get into, despite a lot being available, and still even more is being worked on continually. The community is quite nice and really knits the game together in the world they’ve built. Sometimes I like to play casually and even though it’s browser-based, it works great on the phone, not just the PC.

    You don’t feel like a time vampire is sucking you dry with this. I find it relaxing and fun when I play, yet still feel like I can catch up with the top players as well when I want to.

  • passer1ne

    This game is soooo easy to get into because the signup is a snap and then you get instructions if you need them right away. You’ll get pulled in tho, because there are a ton of NPCs and quests so there’s always something to do. You sit down to play for a sec and then all of a sudden it’s been a couple hours!