Chronicles of Merlin Closed Beta Starts Tonight


Chronicles of Merlin, Koramgame's newest browser game combines the best of the strategy and RPG genres. Tonight at 21:00 (EST), Merlin's rift in time will open and players will find themselves thrust into battle with the greatest heroes of all time.


Merlin will bring you to the magical land of Westmore, his flawed attempt at recreating ancient Europe, where only the strong survive. In the chaotic and war-torn Westmore, you'll need friends and allies. As you adventure through Merlin's alternate reality, you'll meet heroes and villains like Robin Hood, Dracula, and Genghis Khan, among others, who you can recruit to join your army.


  • scooby28

    its a good game as long as you dont buck the system you get banned and all momeny spent lost so play at own risk