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Chrono Wars 2 is a free-to-play browser fantasy MMORPG developed by Narvalous. In Chrono Wars 2 the evil Phantom Army from another dimension invaded the world to try and steal what keeps the world going, Chrono Energy. You have been called upon to become a Guardian of Chronos and keep the Phantom Army from acquiring Chrono Energy. Will you be able to stop them? Maybe you already have since you're here right now in this place and time. Become a Guardian of Chronos and find out for yourself!


Distorted History: Fight alongside some of the most famous historical heroes in alternative battles like Robin Hood, Jeanne D’Arc, Emperor Li Shimin, The Great Caesar and more!

Collect Historical Relics: Relics of history like King Arthur’s crown, Robin Hood’s bow, and Merlin’s wand will increase your power for upcoming encounters with the Phantom Army.

Hero Customization: Outfit your hero with all sorts of impressive looking armors, weapons, and flashy mounts that will help you travel faster.

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  • Chrono Wars 2 Teaser Trailer

    Chrono Wars 2 has nearly arrived. Check out some fresh gameplay in this trailer.

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