City of Heroes: The Loss of a Hero

FEATURE By Meticulous Meta, Former OnRPG Paragon City Reporter For two years I wrote about City of Heroes on a weekly basis. I had the pleasure of interviewing everyone from Samuraiko to Warwitch. But there w...

City of Heroes 9th Anniversary Loregasm

FEATURE By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG’s Jobless Hero   The ninth anniversary of City of Heroes may have been a couple of weeks ago now but good things are still coming from it. As Matt “Formerly Know...

#9Reasons to Remember City of Heroes

FEATURE By Meticulous Meta, OnRPG’s Unemployed Hero  This weekend would have been City of Heroes’ 9th Anniversary, and the fans aren’t about to forget it. City of Heroes fans around the world are o...
  • Riley McCord

    how do I download city of heroes

    • Erdag Ahmet Yilmaz

      On the games northern america website just download it. It has to be somewhere up or on the left or right sides of that page. Usually on the specific part of that website after you click on it you can read the requirements before clicking the download link.