Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise

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    2D Fantasy

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Clash of Queens: Dragons Rise is a mobile RTS title by Elex Wireless. Players can choose their path and rule over a fantasy world as a powerful queen or fight as a brave knight to defend the queen's honor, raise dragons to fight for the kingdom and more.


Dragon Breeding: Raise a young dragon from birth and train him to fight for your army.

Global Server: Queens and Knights can play together on a global server and grow a kingdoms together.

Easy to play: Streamlined gameplay that makes for a smoother experience and faster growth.

Large scale: Experience large scale battles with multiple alliances on both sides.

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  • TC Umut Svrn TC

    Clash of Queens

  • BrightStrom

    Bonjour a tous Alliance EXP recrute sur le serveur 34 , on est 10 joueur niveau 30 qui recrute des petit joueurs vous aurais la protection ,l’amusement et la convivialité qui sont permanente pas de prise de tête , joueur mature et adulte nous vous attendons avec impatiente 😉
    rejoignez nous et combattez a nos coter, montrons a tous que les français peuvent gagner !

    Très chère salutations a tous

  • Keshav Keshavardhan

    How to get Lord expenses and VIP points fast I need it

  • Keshav Keshavardhan

    At flash of queens game at how to get Lord expenses and VIP points fast and easy

  • rahmat


  • Sathish

    How to upgrade the elf lv please tell me

    • Manish Kumar

      Simple way is to spend money

  • mayura<3

    oh my god!

  • Michael Carlson

    Install Clash of Queens for twitch, have fun with our children, real hosting