Colonial Conquest

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  • Developer:
    Argonauts Interactive

  • Genres:
    2D Historical, Strategy

Colonial Conquest is a 2D historical strategy game developed by Argonauts Interactive and is available for purchase on Steam for PC. In Colonial Conquest you can become the leader of one of six different Victorian age world powers: Russia, USA, Great Britain, Japan, France or Germany. You will need to battle against the other five world powers for control of regions and ultimately worldwide expansion. When you capture a region or fend off the opposition you will earn Victory Points. The world power that reaches a preset Victory Point threshold or finishes the game with the most Victory Points wins. Help your favorite world power control the world in Colonial Conquest.


Multiplayer or Singleplayer Modes: You can play against AI-controlled world powers in singleplayer or player-controlled world powers in multiplayer.

Game Phases: You will need to master the phases of expansion in Colonial Conquest if you want to emerge victorious. The Build Phase, the Movement Phase and the Combat Phase are the three main phases, each of which has a particular set of actions associated with it.

Different Scenarios: Both historical and non-historical scenarios can be played to accommodate those who prefer historical accuracy and those who are more interested in strategical expansion from the ground up.

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  • Colonial Conquest – Trailer

    The trailer announcing the development of Colonial Conquest by Argonauts Interactive.

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