Colony of War

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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It's the year of 2627. Five generations have passed since the new era of space colonization began and humans have fully adapted to their lifestyle in space by expanding colonies and modifying robots. As more were forming, profit-making was irrefutable for humans. Nearby colonies were conquered and alliances were made. This brought the beginning of two separate nations, the SUF (Solar System United Front) and UGA (Universe Government Allies). No longer was it about living in space but surviving in your own colony of war.

Colony of War is the newest web browser game which includes a basic building concept as well as creating robots to have a war in universe.( invade other players' colonies.)  There is 50 different types of robots and more will be created after collecting a feedback from players.

While players build, manage, and operate their own colony, they can build robot troops to enjoy fighting in a battle for other colonies.   Furthermore, players are able to place their own robot as a commander of an army to boost entertainment.

Key Game Description:
1.    Space Colonization
-    Develop colonies and activate robots
-    Attack colonies using your army force and space warcrafts
-    Defend your colony from space invaders and opponents from other nations
2.    Robot Production & Fusion
-    Construct robots of various rank and class based on resources and technology
-    Fuse two existing robots to create a brand new one
3.    Real Time Battle (Battle in Space)
-    Travel and battle in real time (MMORTS Game)
-    Open PvP
4.    Space (Map)
-    Space is divided into 63 zones and 9 planets with space stations in each zone. Transport to other planets and launch through “Space Gates” in the universe.

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