Comic ConQuest

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    Sleepy Giant Entertainment

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Comic ConQuest is a party-based tactical RPG designed for web, iOS, and Android with a planned early 2014 release. Players have found themselves in a comic con gone wrong: costumed fans attending a local con are trapped inside the convention center, transformed into the characters they're cosplaying as by a mysterious villain known as The Hoarder. Their cotton capes, cardboard swords and plastic plasma rifles have all become real, along with a host of super (or not-so-super) powers.


Amazing Comic-Style Art: Emmy-award winner and well-known comic artist Jeff Matsuda brings his distinctive style to the game!

Extensive Customization: Change up your costume, tweak your abilities, and upgrade your booth to provide your character with special powers!

Monthly Content Updates: New maps, exclusive items, celebrity villains, and a whole lot more!

In-Game Trivia and Previews: Outwit your opponents with your vast knowledge of all things geeky, or take a break and watch the latest trailers and exclusive content in this virtual con.

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