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    MindArk PE AB

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    Free To Play, Fantasy, Strategy

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Compet is a free-to-play 3D fantasy strategy game developed by MindArk PE AB for Android, PC, and is expected to have an iOS release in the future. In Compet players can become a noble that raises and battles their pets with the intentions of acquiring wealthy and glory! Whether you're battling it out in the PvP Arena or trying to convert your tiny village into a massive town, don't forget who is making it all possible - your pets! Teach them well and lead them with a Master's proficiency to see how strong they can get. Who knows how far you can go with a great team of pets by your side!


Offense and Defense: Use your pets to defend your village or raid your enemies' villages. Both offense and defense will be important aspects of a successful master!

Wacky Pets: Pets can come in all shapes and sizes, meaning they'll come with different combat focuses. You'll be able to raise Aggressive, Balanced, Defensive, and Attuned pets.

Library: Unlock the secrets of the library to gain new abilities for your pets and help them get stronger!

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