Conflict of Nations: WWIII

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    Dorado Games

  • Genres:
    Strategy, Sim, Free To Play

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Conflict of Nations: WWIII is a 2D grand-strategy MMO featuring epic military battles taking place in countries across world. Nations all around the globe stand to go to all out war - lead your empire to conquest or ruin!

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Large and In Charge: Lead attacks, broker alliances, and evolve your tactics on an ever-evolving battlefield of death.

Too Many Cooks: Take center stage of the theater of war and command your troops in massive real-time matches packed with up to 140 players.

Pencil Pushing Priorities: Develop and take full advantage of the might of science and subsequent research to produce all new troops, weapons, upgrades, and more!

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