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Consortium: The Tower is a first person / open world RPG created by Interdimensional Games Inc. As a sequel to the original Consortium, this sequel allows players to explore, talk, sneak or fight their way out of any situation.


Play your way: Experience absolute freedom of movement, speech and action, within a single-location, sandbox environment.

Customizeable arsenal: With futuristic gadgetry that can be tweaked for every detail, players can run faster, jump higher, glide through the air, breathe underwater, and fall from great heights.

Selective firefights: Choose to either kill or incapacitate all those in your way. The game will praise you for using non-lethal means, but brutal force approaches are also possible.

Immersive storytelling: All scenes are doing from a first person perspective. Many events within The Tower will play out regardless of your interaction with them, creating an environment cultivated for immersion and replayability.

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