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    Encircle Games

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    MOBA, Free To Play

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Corroded is a free-to-play 3D MOBA developed by Encircle Games for PC and is available for download on Steam Early Access. It was originally inspired by the Warlocks mod from Warcraft 3, but gives the concept a fresh, new take with a greater focus on speed. Corroded is set in a distant future where robots will battle in shrinking arenas, trying to knock each other out of them. Who is going to control them, you might ask? Well none other than yourself!


Robot Classes: Choose a robot from one of three different class types to battle with: Assault, Close Quarters, or Specialist.

Round-Based Battles: Every battle you enter will consist of a few rounds and at the end the winner will be crowned.

Shrinking Levels: The platform you are on in every level will shrink as battles progress, meaning you'll have to adapt your strategies on the fly while using map mechanics to your advantage.

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  • Corroded Early Access Trailer

    Ready to face off in the ultimate free-for-all arena brawler? Corroded has entered early access testing.

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