Crusaders of Solaria

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    2D Fantasy, Fighting

Crusaders of Solaria is a side-scrolling, fantasy-based fighting game with heavy RPG elements and team play. Players take to the field as a number of classic classes to participate in gameplay modeled after the side-scrolling arcade classics of the 90s, with modern twists and features.


Classic Gameplay: No frills or nonsense in Crusaders of Solaria. Enjoy classic, small-scale multiplayer with a loose story structure and plenty of smashing. The side-scrolling gameplay is performance-friendly, and reminiscent of old arcade games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Planned Events: Crusaders of Solaria hosts a large number of events to keep players busy. Bounties, token rewards, and kill-quests on a massive scale will bring out the power-leveler in everyone. Community-wide rankings determine rewards, and allow for easy bragging rights.

Special Game Modes: There is more to the game than smashing monsters and clearing bosses. There are elite dungeons, large-party dungeons, statue defense maps, proving grounds, arenas, and more. Players can even cultivate a garden between fights, sewing crops and reaping rewards through patience and attention.

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  • Crusaders of Solaria Trailer

    A brief video trailer featuring gameplay footage from Crusaders of Solaria. Features multiple classes and boss fights.

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